In a world where everything seems to be instant, from our coffees and food delivery to our steaming services, there’s one area that stubbornly resists the rush: landing a tech job.  Yes, we laugh at the irony that that is where we find ourselves.  I read a Linkedin post from Bonnie Dilber (Recruiting Lead at Zapier) last week that highlighted this.  According to her (based on recent findings -see source at the end of article), if you’re aiming high (tech or big-name corporations) you should strap in for a good six months, possibly even a year, of job hunting.

Bonnie also mentions that you’re likely to get interviews on less than 5% of your applications. That means for every 200 applications you submit, you’ll be lucky to get just one interview. Also, don’t be surprised if you lose out on an offer to someone with more relevant experience. Teams are often willing to interview ‘stretch’ candidates – those who may not tick every box but show potential. However, when push comes to shove, they’ll likely opt for the less risky candidate. The one with the proven track record. The one who can hit the ground running.

But it’s not all about experience. If you’re after a speedy process, you might have to make some sacrifices. Perhaps you’ll have to compromise on growth opportunities, or accept a lower compensation package. If you’re after more money or growth, you may have to sacrifice speed and endure a few more months without a paycheck. It’s a bit of a balancing act.

However, working with tech startups can sometimes flip the script. Yes, some of them can take equally as long as bigger tech companies, but others know precisely what they want and don’t let bureaucracy slow them down. They see you, like you, and hire you. It can be surprisingly fast and we’re working a few of those at the moment. Their agility and straightforwardness can turn a marathon into an unexpected sprint – and it’s exciting when it does!

Of course, working for a startup comes with its own set of challenges. You might have to wear many hats, work long hours, and deal with a bit of chaos. But if you’re looking for a fast-paced, exciting environment where you can make a real impact, a startup might be just what you need.

At Propeller-Tech, we’re all about finding the right fit. With our no-nonsense approach, we aim to streamline the recruitment process without compromising on quality or fit. We understand that the tech job hunt can be a slog, but we’re here to help you navigate it. We’ll work with you to find a role that suits your skills, ambitions, and, crucially, your values. Because at the end of the day, the right fit is worth waiting for.

We’ve got some great roles at the moment from Founding Engineers (Frontend and Fullstack) to Senior Leadership. If you are looking for a fast-moving tech startup to join, then please reach out to Louise Ogilvy on Linkedin.

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