When tech founders are looking to grow their team, there are several key roles and individuals they should consider bringing onboard to support their venture.  Of course the specific needs may vary depending on the nature of the startup, but in this article we list some of the typical roles and skills that founders often seek in potential team members:

1. Technical Experts: Let’s start with the obvious one.  Tech founders should look for individual with expertise in the specific technical domain relevant to their startup.  The could include software engineers, data scientists, product designers, or hardware specialists, depending on the nature of the product or service being developed.  It is of course imperative to have an experienced and capable Tech Lead or CTO to navigate the team.

2. Business Development and Sales Professionals: Once the product is near to launch, individuals who can help identify potential customers, establish partnerships and drive revenue growth are paramount.  BD and sales professionals play a crucial role in scaling the startup and expanding its market presence and aren’t to be overlooked.

3. Product Managers: A skilled PM can help founders refine their vision, define product roadmaps, prioritise features and ensure alignment between the development team and customer needs.  They play a vital role in driving product strategy and delivering a compelling user experience.

4. Marketing and Communication Experts: Startups need individuals who can effectively communicate their value proposition, create marketing strategies, and execute campaigns to reach target audiences. Marketing professionals with skills in digital marketing, content creation, branding, and social media can greatly contribute to the startup’s visibility and growth.  We are seeing more and more tech startups invest in Developer Relations (DevRel) and Developer Advocate professionals who can be the link between the community using the platform and the developers of the platform.

5. Operations and Finance Specialists: Founders should consider individuals who can handle financial aspects, such as budgeting, financial analysis and fundraising.  Operations professionals can assist in streamlining processes, managing resources and ensuring efficient day-to-day operations.

This list is by no means extensive and to create a successful startup takes a village, or perhaps even a city! What is certain though, is that each of these individuals brought in on the early days of a new venture need to have an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ regardless of their role.

People who are passionate about the company’s mission, adaptable and willing to take ownership are necessity.  Not everyone has what it takes to thrive in an environment that can be quite chaotic at times and have the ability to navigate challenges and embrace uncertainty.  A startup is an exciting place for many as the prospect of being involved in creating something from nothing, and the rewards can be immense.

It’s important for founders to assess the specific needs of their startup and identify the skills and expertise required to achieve their goals. Networking events and websites (e.g. Linkedin), startup recruitment agencies, and platforms dedicated to connecting co-founders can be valuable resources for finding individuals who possess the desired skills and share the founder’s vision.

If you are a startup looking to grow your team, we can help navigate this exciting time and ensure you aren’t distracted from the day-to-day running of your business!  Get in touch!


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