Rockin’ Around the Recruitment Tree: 8 Reasons why you might be at an advantage if you maintain or ramp up your recruitment efforts during the month of December.

December is usually the month of office parties, secret Santas and impromptu social drinks.  For many companies it prompts a change in work schedules as everyone slows down for the holidays.

Therefore, for this very reason, if you’re a recruiter or part of a hiring team, the holiday season should be looked at as a golden opportunity!

Still not convinced?

Read our 8 reasons below!

1. Time for Reflection

The approach to the end of the year can be a time for reflection and an assessment of whether goals and resolutions have been reached both personally and professionally.

2. Freed up Time – Candidates

With colleagues asking for time off for holidays and Christmas shopping there is more time for people to respond to opportunities and have time off for phone calls and interviews.

3. Hiring Managers’ Availability

As the gear-down approach to Christmas and New Year effects the whole team.  With fewer scheduled meetings, conferences and visits, hiring managers are usually more available and accessible to respond to emails and review CVs.

4. ‘Tis the Season for Giving

With 2022 being a relentless year for people losing their jobs, we are in unprecedented times and more people than every may be spending a December unemployed – which is hugely daunting considering the rise in the cost of living as well as the usual financial pressures of Christmas.   So, what better time than to give the gift of a new opportunity to someone!

5. Merry Times

With festivities going on, a lift in spirits and a wind-down in schedules both candidates and clients might be more willing to accept calls and ‘hear you out’ than during business periods.

6. Life Goes on!

Don’t forget there are many people who don’t celebrate Christmas and thus life goes on the same as usual for them!

7. Less Recruiting Competition

Unless of course, recruiters take heed to the advice given above, typically recruitment teams slow down during December.  As a result, if you remain active you won’t face the competition for great candidates that you normally do during the rest of the year!

8. Improve Processes

Perhaps you take the stance that it’s not worthwhile ramping up your recruitment function.  This may be due to the industry you’re in or due to the fact that so many in your office are on annual leave and supportive resources are low.  December is still a great time to focus on your strategic recruitment processes.  Review how the year has gone and plan for the year ahead.  Reflect on the tools you use and see if practices can be made more efficient and effective.


Of course, a lot of the above depends on the industries and types of business you recruit for.  December can be a busy period for many companies (particularly start-ups) who have deadlines or orders they need to fulfil before the end of the year.

Also, we are aware, that everyone needs to ‘take their foot off the gas’ every now and then and December can present itself as the perfect opportunity to do this as long as work demands permits.

However, the purpose of this post is to highlight the benefits of maintaining or ramping-up your recruitment efforts in December if your clients are looking for talented individuals.  It could give you the competitive edge you need to end the year on a high.  After all, recruiting is a year-round / 12-month profession!

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