Company culture is now more important than ever.  We often get asked about a company’s values and work culture when speaking with candidates about new opportunities.

Job seekers are looking for more than an office ping pong table and sleeping pods.  They are trying to understand how a company operates, what type of people are running it and whether it’s a good fit for them.  But don’t forget it’s a two-way street!

Luckily, at Propeller-Tech we work predominantly with start-ups and the entrepreneurs we speak to about their core values show that they’ve given this some serious thought.

Determining strong core values at an early stage can have a big impact on smart hiring processes, reduce turnover and absenteeism, boost productivity, help guide decision-making, improve customer relationships and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Whether you’re considering launching a new idea, are building a start-up or rethinking your core-values in a well-established company – here are 5 top core values that we get asked about.

Professional Development / Education

Consider providing employees with relevant and meaningful training and you will attract continuous learners.  These candidates are often motivated to succeed, develop their skillset and as a result will be a huge benefit to an employer in the long term.

Innovation / Creativity

When employees feel they have the space to innovate and try things out (even if they don’t necessarily work), they are more likely to bring breakthrough ideas to the table.

Job Flexibility

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic this has been increasingly more sought after.  Having flexible working hours and hybrid working arrangements will open the door to more quality candidates.  Moreover, it shows candidates that you trust them to get the work done.

Strong and Authentic Leadership

Job seekers are looking for authentic and transparent leadership.  They want to work for people who inspire others and are focused on building a strong and positive workplace culture.

Giving Back

When a company prioritises giving back to its community or on a wider-scale, employees feel good about working with you.  It will also set you apart from your competitors in the eyes of your customers.  We all want to feel that we are playing some part in serving others and doing some good in the world.


We are not saying it is easy to build a company, establish values and then work to embed them into a company’s culture – particularly, alongside day-to-day responsibilities that business owners have to face.  But in the long run if they’re stuck to and successfully implemented by you and your team, defining your values now will have a long-lasting positive impact on your business.

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